About Us


About Us

ByThe"R" brand is a ByTheR's peculiar brand
which have done a registration of trade mark not only in Korea but to 40 countries in all over the world.

Not for the Public, Just for Mania.

ByThe"R" was born for those who consider the personality with refusing to be normal.
Not for the Public, Just for Mania
These are the product made for those who want to stand out with a personality rather than being as a public
and it's also the the product for those style mania who does not care about others and knows how to enjoy their own style.
ByTheR "R" is always holding onto the best style only
and though it is simple we pursue the clothes that makes a unique and bold details.
For the men's fashion we're considering the line which has an uncommon pattern.
We're matching the expectations of customers who consider the personality with
manufacturing small amount apart from the basic items.

ByTheR is putting on effort in order to ensure the satisfaction for all manias by having a greatest care from subsidiary materials,
fabric and the whole production process.


ByTheR is giving a inspirations to each other while having a exchange and
communication with a various artists such as a celebrities, fashion blogger, musician and a B-boy from domestic or abroad.


ByTheR is putting on effort in order to deliver you ByTheR's own feeling by thinking all kinds of ways for shooting photos and then putting into actions.

We'll always do our best with a pride that only comes from By the "R" while constantly putting on
effort for offering the product that will always let you have a satisfaction and happiness.
We'll become By the "R" that will not let the clothes to be thrown away by wearing just only up to 2 years
but will let the clothes to be remained in the closet and be remembered for long time.
Thank you.

- By The "R" -